I can`t stop drinking it 呑まずにはいられない

As I wrote in the 5th blog,Londo is getting warmer now and should be said to be hot now.


Hot day beer is very delicious with any country. I got dinner with my friends and I drink evey time. Of course I am with my friends.




Kingly Court(キングリーコート)


This beer is delicious with a refreshing taste and eating spicy food.


This restaurant is a South American-style restrain and there are many spicy foods perhaps I can`t finish with a cup~



Kentish Town(ケンティッシュタウン)

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My best friends cooked dinner at 31 May.

5月31日 親友たちが夕飯を作ってくれました。

It was home-made korean-style fried rice that they made. It was so very delicious that I couldn`t understand even if I entered the restaurant. I was very moved by the rice after a long absence.


Thank you for the bast cook!!



Lincoln`s Inn Fields(リンカーンズイン・フィールズ)


I got a picnic at 1 June.

6月1日  またピクニックしました。

Many friends have increased on this picnic.I am looking forward to seeing you at schol.



Big Ben and Jubilee Garden


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I took a night picnic sightseeing in London at 6 June.

6月2日 ロンドン市内を観光しナイトピクニックしました。

It was the day we took pictures,playing music and smiling white drinking alcohol.



in the Namuco Funscape(ナムコ ファンスケープ内)


We watched the Champions League with school friends at 3 June.

6月3日 学校の友達とチャンピオンズリーグを観戦しました。

Her best friend`s one and one day picnic friends were in the same class and everyone invited me.


It was such an interesting person! i tought that I would like to interact with various people and become  friends.

こんなにも面白い人がいたなんて!  もっといろんな人と交流して友達になってみたい;と思った。



Thank you for reading to the end. I`m sorry if I made a mistake in typing