I still like London. それでもロンドンが好きである。

There was a very sad thing on 3rd June. Terrorism occurred at the Westminster Bridge in London and many people were injured. I was watching football in this nearby pub in the time zone when terrorism occurred. I couldn`t match the damage, but now I can`t bellieve that terroism occurred near me.

6月3日にとても悲しい出来事がありました。ロンドン市内のウェストミンスター橋でテロが起き、たくさんの人が被害にあいました。私はこの時、この近くのパブでサッカー観戦をしてました。テロが起きた時間帯、 店の中におり被害に合わなかったが自分の近くでテロが起きてた事に今も信じられないです。


I uploaded this picture from g-sozai.com g-sozai.comから引用しました。


I would like to express my sincere condolences to all people and families who suffered damage.



 Kentish Town(ケンティッシュタウン)


My best friend`s was this birthday at 7 June.

 6月7日 私の友達がこの日誕生日でした。

Everyone was a friends who came to celebrate her, I was able to interact with various people. She was also happy and it was a very nice birthday party.


I gave her a soap of Lush.




Hampstead Heath(ハムステッド ヒース)


I went to Hampstead Heath with my best friends recently because the weather is nice at 10 June.

6月10日 最近、天気がいいので大親友たちとハムステッドヒースに行きました。


I am playing football with my dog(犬とサッカーしてる最中)


 The dog that had come  to the park caught up with the ball and tried to rob the ball from me. I was barking because it may be the first time I saw a ball as 6month old dog.

It was a very cute dog!




Thank you for reading untill the end. I`m sorry if I make some mistakes while typing


The title of this blog means a lot about terrorism that occurred in London.